How to Use a Car Jack?

How to Use a Car Jack

Imagine you got a job and you are already late. All of a sudden, your tire gets punctured.

Look at you, look at your life!

But don’t get upset, cause I am about to show you how to use a car jack easily so you can get out of the embarrassment faster.

Before that, a quick background.


Recently most of the new models of cars come with a spare jack. There are different types of car jacks, and scissor jacks are the common ones. Although you will get a spare jack, my suggestion is to get your own.

The main reason is those jacks have different weight ratings and might not be good for your car. It’s much better to buy your own with valid information literacy.

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Safety Tips

Before I get into our main topic of this article, let me tell you some safety tips. Cause safety is the first priority when you are getting under thousands of pounds of metal.

  • Don’t crawl under the vehicle without using jack stands
  • Never use jack stands or carjacks on dirt or grass
  • Always use solid and level ground
  • Make sure to use chocks and jack stands
  • Avoid using boxes or bricks or anything else instead of jack stands

How to Use a Car Jack?

Here is a step by step process of using your car jack;

Step 1: Find a place to put the jack

First, check the owner’s manual to begin. Then make sure you placed your car jack in the right location. Otherwise, it will slide off, and that will be a tricky situation to handle.

Step 2: Start lifting

For scissor jack users, you need to insert the rod into the knob of your scissor jack. Then crank it to the right. If your jack is smooth, you shouldn’t have any problem lifting the car.

Start lifting

The hydraulic jack’s mechanism is different than the scissor jack’s. These jacks can lift your car faster compared to the scissor jacks. It is also easy to use. You just have to move your handle up and down. Make sure the jack is properly oiled.

Step 3: Use jack stands

After getting your tire off the ground, jack stands will play a great role here. Place the jack stands in their correct locations. Then lower your car slowly. Never work with only the jack. You must use jack stands if you are getting under the vehicle.

Step 4: Do your fixing

In this stage, you will do the main job for which the vehicle was lifted.

Step 5: Bring the car down

For scissor jacks, you have to turn the rod in the opposite direction. And, do it very slowly. Never rush when bringing down the car.

For hydraulic jacks, you need to loosen the pressure by turning the knob slowly. The knob will be just beside the jack handle. You can use the handle to turn the knob.


Now you are ready to use your jack on your own. I know the process seemed very easy. And it is!

But one can make mistakes even in the easiest things. And the risks are too high here. You should never make a mistake, mind it.