What Company Is The Best Manufacturer Of Pontoon Boats?

Best Manufacturer Of Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are very popular at the moment. They are great for going out into the water and having a good time with friends and family. These boats are perfect for inland and rivers, but also great for the ocean.

A lot of the latest pontoons even have faster speed, swift handling while allowing you to use it as boats for fun exercises like skiing. Many companies make some of the most excellent pontoon boats.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about Bennington pontoon boats and give you reasons why it is the finest choice for these vessels. Let’s take a look!

About Bennington – Why Is It The Best?

Bennington is one of the bestselling pontoon boat manufacturers from all over the world. They provide pontoon boats to be used for cruises and entertainment.

The brand is well-known for its beautiful but comfortable pontoon boats. All of these vessels are designed and built with great attention to detail. They all live up to the same excellent standard that Bennington promises.

They Have The Best Craftsmanship

Boats need to be made of good quality materials and manufactured well so that they can endure years of rough use. Bennington boats are just that. Each of their boats is crafted with materials of the highest quality.

It does not matter which model you choose, be it an S series model or an RX Sport model; all of them are made using the best quality stainless steel hardware. Bennington pays the utmost attention to detail.

Extremely Durable Interiors

Having had a very solid built to them, these boats are known for their durability, both on the exterior as well the interior. It has a vinyl floor covering, along with decks that have enough space for lounging and water sports.

Beautiful And Luxurious Furniture

Bennington pontoon boats all have the most sophisticated seating that provides both beauty and comfort. They have been designed to have a few dense layers of foam underneath the seats for optimum comfort.

Provides Great Protection From Waves

Bennington pontoon boats have under deck wave shields that defend against waves rising from the bottom to decrease the flow. It also reduces splashing while increasing the top speed.

These enhancements make sure you have a quiet, uneventful time on the boats, even in rough waters.    

Offers Excellent Performance

There are foils attached to the hulls to provide hydrodynamic lift. This gives the boats better stability, acceleration, and speed. It also has a hydraulic steering wheel that results in higher horsepower, so steering becomes easier.   

The Bennington Series

Bennington offers you an array of choices. They have five different series to choose from.

S Family Series

These are the ultimate value of pontoon boats. They are perfect for activities like fishing with the family. The size of the models ranges from 16ft to 25ft. These models include:

  • S Model
  • SX Model
  • SX Premium Model

SV Series

This is not a complete series, but its SV Model is just as good as any other Bennington pontoon boats.

G Series

The G model is not only stylish but also lives up to the high standard of Bennington boats. It provides a lot of amazing features like illuminated speakers, custom stainless steel steering wheel, G sport furniture styles, as well as a bow integrated beverage cooler.

R Series

The Bennington R series is not only beautiful with excellent style but also has the best performance. 

  • R Model
  • RX Sport Model

Q Luxury Series

The Q Luxury series is a perfect example of excellence and luxury.  There are custom platforms, along with a diverse selection of color options and design improvements.

  • Q Model
  • QX Model
  • QX Sport Model

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of purchasing a pontoon boat, Bennington is the best one to consider. They can be a bit expensive, but with everything they offer, the price might actually be worth it.

With Bennington, you can do years of traveling on the water without any issues. Joining the Bennington family is something you will not regret.

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